[Recipes] Amazon S3 Versioning Lab


Need to experiment with S3 versioning and understand.

Solution Summary: 

We will create a new bucket, enable versioning and experiment with it.


This lab assumes that you have already setup AWS account, have explored S3 and created a bucket before.

Solution Steps: 

  1. Create a bucket, enabling versioning (click on Versioning during create wizard, enable versioning and save) and giving necessary permissions (give read object permission for all). Once you enable versioning for a bucket, it can never be removed, but can be disabled.

  2. Create a text file in desktop with some text contents and upload it. Give Everyone read object permission and leave all other options as is.

  3. When you click on the file and go to the overview page, you can see a version dropdown next to the filename. Currently there will be only one version.

  4. Modify the text file in local system and upload it again with similar permissions.

  5. When you go to the overview page, you can see a version dropdown next to the filename. Currently there will be two different object. Total size used will be the sum of all the versions.

  6. Delete one of the versions from the version dropdown in file’s overview page. If you delete a version, you cannot restore it. You will need to upload it again.

  7. Delete the file itself (not version) from the bucket overview page.

  8. Now click on the Deleted Objects tab on the bucket overview page and restore it (Select file. More > Undo Delete). In case, you are using the old console this was done differently: Deleting an object in a versioned bucket merely creates a Delete Marker as the most recent version. Deleting that marker will restore that file. Internally AWS still uses delete markers.

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