[Lab] Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)

We will experiment with SNS. Java coding is optional.



  1. Login and go to SNS Dashboard.

  2. Click Create New Topic.

    1. Provide a topic name (e.g. BuddyTopic) and Display name (e.g. BuddyTopic)

    2. Click ‘Create Topic’

    3. Note: Display name is mainly for SMS anc can be upto 10 characters only.

  3. Select the topic and click on ‘Create Subscription’

    1. Select Protocol as Email-JSON

    2. Provide an email address

    3. Click subscribe

    4. A success message is shown that says, confirmation message will be sent to subscriber and once confirmed they will get notifications, and subscriptions will expire after 3 days if not confirme

  4. Check email and confirm subscription.

  5. Verify that the subscription id column changes from ‘PendingConfirmation’ to actual subscription id.

  6. Publish a message

    1. You may specify a TTL. TTL is the time to live in seconds. Message will be deleted if undelivered after TTL.

    2. You can change the default message format for each protocol.

  7. Verify the result in email.

  8. (optional): Create a Java publisher and subscriber and verify pub/sub behaviour.



  1. Add the sample mail you get in email (as comments).

  2. Attach your git project link for optional java publisher and subscriber (as comments).

Note: You will get redeemable points for every comment you add.

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